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Science Based Nutrition

SBN Nutritional Counseling and Testing Tools


Do you know which supplements and vitamins are good for you? Dr. Sandy Giacobbe, our certified SBN nutritional counselor, can provide a structured nutritional program based on your specific individual needs from scientific tests and screenings, such as blood and urine. Once the evaluations are completed, we provide specific recommendations on which nutritional supplements and healthy food choices will work to enhance your health and bring you back to optimal health. Our Science Based Nutrition analysis is directly sourced from your blood work, urine, stool screenings, hair, saliva and gut microbiome. We use these tests to confirm any suspected infections and imbalances in order to provide you with protocols that work just for you.  Our recommendations are based on your own body's needs, not on guessing.

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Our mission is to set a standard of objectivity in nutritional healthcare. We strive to help people reach their optimum health so that they in turn, can reach their fullest potential in life.

Science Based Nutrition™ trained health professionals use advanced tools and a patented blood analysis system to formulate the right customized nutritional protocols.  We strive to support our patient's personal health transformations without the use of prescription drugs.


Most blood tests are reported using an established “Clinical Range”.  If you are within this Clinical Range, you are most likely considered “normal”.   This in no way should be confused with “healthy”.  Too many people are walking around with "normal tests" but feel terrible. We can help uncover the hidden reasons why you do not feel healthy.

Click on the link below which takes you to our science based nutrition portal to find out more about our service. If you are interested in this program, send us an email with your request and we will respond with an email with a link so you can complete our on-line questionnaire.

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